Yukihiro Takahashi - Grand Espoir 2LP

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Not sure where to start with all the Takahashi reissues?  This two LP compilation, Grand Espoir, from Great Tracks/Sony Japan is a great place to start.  The tracks spanning the two LPs were selected and mastered by Yoshinori Sunahara, who you may know from LOVEBEAT.  Pulling songs from Takahashi's time on the Alfa label, Sunahara does a masterful job giving listeners a taste of some of the best tracks from each LP, as well as pulling in Poisson D'Avril (a single from the soundtrack to the film of the same name). Each LP, Murdered by the Music, Neuromantic, WHAT, ME WORRY?, Tomorrow's Just Another Day, Wild & Moody is well-represented and this also works a journey through Takahashi's evolution during the early/mid 80's. 

This is a great addition to the collection fans who primarily know him from Yellow Magic Orchestra, and want to expand into his solo work.  But it will also fit into any fan's library, as it delivers an expertly-curated tour through some of his best work. 

Track List:

  • School of Thought
  • Numbers from a Calculated Conversation
  • Connection
  • Grand Espoir
  • Drip Dry Eyes
  • Curtains
  • Sayonara
  • My Bright Tomorrow
  • Are You Receiving Me? (Remix)
  • And I Believe in You
  • Good Time
  • Stranger Things Have Happened
  • Kill That Thermostat
  • Walking To The Beat
  • Poission D'Avril