Yukihiro Takahashi - Murdered by the Music LP

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Murdered by the Music is Yukihiro Takahashi's second solo LP, after Saravah!  This LP is a unique document in the musical journey of Takahashi, as it finds him incorporating a wide variety of influences and remaking them in his style.  Murdered by the Music (the song,) incorporates a bit of a ska-inflected rhythm and is followed by Kid-nap The Dreamer, which fully leans into the Two-Tone ska sound.  Although you may not think of Takahashi and ska immediately; he does make the sound his own.  As the LP progresses, he incorporates New Wave and Motown sounds, culminating in a cover of The Supreme's Stop in the Name of Love.  Like his other covers, this manages to stay true to the original in many ways while completely becoming a Yukihiro Takahashi track.

He enlists Haruomi Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto from YMO, as well as Kenji Omura and Sandii (who he had written for previously).  This is another excellent document of Takahashi's unique skills, that will stay in rotation.

Track List:

  • School of Thought
  • Murdered by the Music
  • Kid-nap The Dreamer
  • Ikasul
  • Radioactivist
  • Numbers From a Calaculated Conversation
  • Bijin-kyoshi at the Swimming School
  • Blue Colour Worker
  • Stop in the Name of Love
  • Mirrormanic
  • The Core of Eden