The Cromulent Approach

    Cromulent Records isn’t a high flying e-commerce unicorn-in-training.  It is a simple store with a simple approach. We believe:
    • Buying records is fun and should be as easy as possible
    • We should sell LPs that aren’t always easy to find, but are worth finding
    • We should not sell junk.  We try to avoid money grab represses, bootlegs, etc. unless we think they’re worth hearing
    In terms of our customers, we try to:
    • Give everyone the treatment we’d want as a customer
    • Resolve issues quickly and fairly
    • Avoid being (digital) creeps:
      • Limit email communications - when we have new stuff, we let you know and the rest of the time we try to pipe down
      • Avoid tracking our customers as much as possible, including making non-mandatory cookies opt-in
      • Refrain from creepy targeted ad campaigns
      But, this business model also means we ask a little extra from our customers.  We implore you to help us out by:
      • Telling your friends about us!  IRL or via Social Media
      • Sharing stuff on Reddit!  Once you’ve got your copy, please share on Vinyl Releases, Vinyl Deals, or anywhere else you think would appreciate knowing!
      • Let us know how we can improve! Click the Contact Us form or send us an email to cromulentrecords (at) gmail.  
      We will try to do this for as long as we're in business or until we get so rich that we re-calibrate our moral compass.  You don’t hear the Google “Don’t Be Evil” story much anymore, do you?