Various Artists - Where, Who, What is Petrolz? 2LP

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1 full album in 12 years since formation (at the time of release in 2017). The work is difficult to obtain, and live performances are out of the blue. Petrols, a natural and light, extremely experiential and mysterious band. Everyone knows their names, they seem to be amazing, and they feel signs in various places. But I have no idea who the whole thing is. The musicians, their friends, and the seniors whom the members looked up to, who adore the innovative and pop music of such PETROLS, each wish to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of their 1st CD “Karimen” (released in April 2007). A thought-based, hands-on music collection that seeks the answer to the question, “What is Petrols?”
A total of 15 tracks including 4 additional tracks from “WHERE, WHO, WHAT IS PETROLZ?”, which was released exclusively for digital distribution.

  • A 10th anniversary tribute to Petrols’ 1st CD “Karimen”
  • Double LP pressed on black vinyl
  • Featuring artists such as Leo Imai + Ryohu, Lucky Tapes, Yoga Lin, and more…

Track List:

  • Leo Imai + Ryohu - シェイプ
  • Lucky Tapes - Profile
  • Yoga Lin - 新預感
  • Kid Fresino + Stuts - アンバー
  • R'N'R (Rei+NAOKI+ROY) - 表現
  • Seiho - Touch Me
  • Yogee New WavesOn Y - our Side
  • Suchmos - 雨
  • Soil & "Pimp" Sessions - ホロウェイ
  • Original Love - Fuel
  • never young beach - Side By Side