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Supervised and selected by Akito Katayose of GREAT 3, 8 masterpieces of CITY POP will be converted into 12-inch analog with the latest remastered sound source in 2023!

About 20 years ago in 2004, a super masterpiece compilation album "The Best Of J-AOR "Mellow"" was released. Supervised and selected by Akito Katayose of GREAT3, the collection includes masterpieces that predict the modern city pop boom, attracting not only maniacs but also many music fans, combined with the jacket illustration by Hiroshi Nagai. It was the forerunner of today's CITY POP song compilations.
This 2-disc set was re-released in March in response to enthusiastic requests from fans who could not get it at the time, but it also includes 7 songs from "The Best Of J-AOR 'Mellow'" and new songs. In addition, it will be released in August with the latest remastering in 2023 as an analog board containing 8 songs.

Newly recorded on this analog board is Marty Balin's "There's No Shoulder Alone".
Original member of 1960s psychedelic rock giants Jefferson Airplane, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Marty Balin is a well-known off-course fan, 'There's No Shoulder'. Mama Hitori" was composed by Kazuhiko Matsuo of Off Course. By the way, Marty Balin later covered Off Course's "Sayonara" (under the name of KBC BAND) and "YES-YES-YES" (under the name of Jefferson Starship).
"There's No Shoulder Hitori no Mama de" was recorded in Japan in 1983, produced and arranged by Akira Inoue. Participating musicians included Akira Inoue, Tsuyoshi Kon, Shigeru Okazawa, Hideo Yamaki, Shigeruya Hamaguchi, Pecker Hashida, Eiji Toki, Tadahide Yoshikawa, and other talented players in the J-POP scene at the time. Junichi Inagaki also recorded this song on his third album "J.I." (lyrics by Reiko Yukawa).

Please enjoy the mellow masterpieces of gems, including the newly added Marty Balin, with the sound played by the analog board.

May have minor corner damage from shipment from Japan.

Track List:

  • A1 Akira Terao– Shadow City
  • A2 Yasuhiro Abe– Still I Love You
  • A3 Kingo Hamada– 夜風のインフォメーション
  • A4 Naoko Gushima– Candy
  • B1 Akito Katayose– Madonna49
  • B2 Logic System– Be Yourself
  • B3 Marty Balin– There's No Shoulder 一人のままで
  • B4 Jin Kirigaya– テールライト