Various Artists - J Jazz Volume 2 – Deep Modern Jazz from Japan 1969 – 1983 3LP

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We're happy to have the opportunity to share J Jazz Volume 2 with our customers.  If you missed out on this LP previously, there is a reason that it flew off the shelves - it is really good.  The team of Tony Higgins and Mike Peden once again compile another trip through the progression of Japanese Jazz that covers a lot of ground while still having a wonderful flow to it.  These compilations are a joy to dig into, so grab a copy and start exploring!

Track List:

  • Makoto Terashita meets Harold Land - Dragon Dance
  • Nobuo Hara and His Sharps & Flats Orchestra - Little Giant
  • Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet - Distant Thunder
  • Hideto Sasaki - Toshiyuki Sekine Quartet +1 - Stop Over
  • Miyasaka + 5 - Animal's Garden
  • Electro Keyboard Orchestra - Mother of the Future
  • Hiroshi Matsumoto and Hideo Ishikawa Quartet - Serenade To A Dimly Lit Street
  • Koichi Matsukaze Trio - The Original Bill
  • George Kawaguchi The Big 4 - Vietnam
  • Kohsuke Mine Quintet - Daguri
  • Mokoto Terashita - Dai Hosaku (Great Harvest)
  • Tero Sakamoto Trio - Teru-Teru Bozu (Black Keys)
  • Takashi Miyasaka Quintet - Straight Road
  • Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd With Masahiko Sato - Fallout
  • Akira Miyazawa - Brown Trout