The Lewis Connection - The Lewis Connection LP

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The Lewis Connection was a Soul / Funk band from Minneapolis whose self-titled LP may have been lost to the vaults were it not for their peculiar historical connection – the first appearance of Prince as a guest performer. The song in question, “Got To Be Something Here,” features Prince on background vocals and guitar, but there’s far more packed into this early record of what would become the signature Minneapolis funk sound. There’s bustling energy across these tracks with enticing funk hooks, instrumental variety, and mood-heightening extended jams. P-VINE is thrilled to present The Lewis Connection with a newly remastered limited edition LP with obi strip attached.

  • Newly remastered in 2022 edition
  • Obi strip included
  • Limited edition

Track List:

  • Get Up
  • Higher
  • Feel Good To Ya
  • Got To Be Something Here
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Mr. G