Susumu Yokota - Symbol LP

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P-Vine delivers the first of their vinyl reissues of Susuma Yokoto albums.  Symbol arrives remastered and in a wonderful package that includes an OBI strip.  Please note, this is black vinyl, not the earlier yellow vinyl pressing.  This is a wonderful LP that twists and turns, taking the listener on a voyage. 

At times, the percussion can be reminiscent of MKWAJU Ensemble, but that feels like a starting place for Yokoto.  He layers on vocals, strings and all types of instrumentation to build a soundscape that envelops the listener.  This can be found on tracks like Song of the Sleeping Forest and Blue Sky and Yellow Sunflower.  Those tracks can easily be pulled into a  mix of your own creation. 

However, be sure to listen to this LP front to back.  It is a wonderful experience that reminds us that we lost Susumu Yokoto way too early. 

Track List:

  • Long Long Silk Bridge
  • Purple Rose Minuet
  • Traveler in the Wonderland
  • Song of the Sleeping Forest
  • The Plateau Which the Zephyr of Flora Occupies
  • Fair Dance of Twinkle and Shadow
  • Flaming Love and Destiny
  • The Dying Black Swan
  • Blue Sky and Yellow Sunflower
  • Capricco and the Innovative Composer
  • I Close the Door Upon Myself
  • Symbol of Life, Love and Aesthetics
  • Music From the Lake Surface