Stelvio Cipriani - Sono Stato Un Agente CIA LP

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Sono Stato Un Agente CIA (1978), also known as Covert Action, is a twilight film directed by Romolo Guerrieri and set in Greece, starring David Janssen, in the role of a former Central Intelligence Agency agent who became a writer of incendiary books on prostitution and drug trafficking, flanked by Maurizio Merli, a colleague in possession of some compromising tapes, sentimentally linked to the romance novel character played by the seductive Corinne Cléry. The two are involved in a murky game: the stars and stripes secret services intend to eliminate those who could spread the dangerous content of the military plan designed to stem the advance of communism, to be implemented through the assassination of government officials. It's not among the most famous crime stories. It's not even a real action movie. Sono Stato Un Agente CIA benefits, however, from the admirable compositional talent of Stelvio Cipriani. His soundtrack, released for the first time in full vinyl version, reveals an unpredictable versatility. His "classic" style expressed in the course of the scores for previous "poliziotteschi" is enriched here with disco suggestions and Hellenic exoticisms. The writing on the staff of the Roman composer is effective and empathetic in commenting on every fold of the dark and violent story. A simple and catchy theme, even danceable. The atmospheric situations with guitars and synthesizers. Some funk echoes, tension peaks, melancholy notes. The constants of success.

Track List:

  • Relax (2:10)
  • C.I.A. Agent (2:08)
  • Agent Tale (2:14)
  • Journey In Athens (1:32)
  • Athens Reprise (1:31)
  • Investigation Rhythm (3:49)
  • Relax (1:58)
  • Sad Death (1:55)
  • Dangerous Memories (2:15)
  • Murder In Athens (0:59)
  • Programmed Man (2:31)
  • The Old Spy (0:31)
  • Lester's Book (3:19)
  • Lester And Anna (1:55)
  • Love And Peace (1:20)
  • Acropolis Fight (1:38)
  • Another Sad Death (0:18)
  • Relax (1:34)