Sekiri - Take Me to Sekiri LP

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Sekiri’s (lit: Dysentery) 1988 debut album, “Watashi wo Sekirini ni Tsurettette” (Take Me to Sekiri), was about three things. Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. With frank lyrics that throw social conventions out the window, and an open air of laziness, this Japanese all-female punk band took the world by storm. Even today, the post-punk leanings of their sophomore album sound fresh, a breath of fresh air in a society that seems to value conformity above all else. Don’t miss Sekiri’s “Watashi wo Sekirini ni Tsurettette” (Take Me to Sekiri) available now on limited edition vinyl from P-VINE Records in collaboration with Alchemy Records.

  • Limited first edition pressing
  • First ever analog reissue!
  • Pressed on black vinyl

Track List:

  • Desu Macchi (Lit. "Death Match")
  • 4649 (Yoroshiku)
  • Yōreihi (Lit. "Yodel-Ay-Hee")
  • Doro Doro Ōedo
  • Katsu Katsu Rock
  • Dāra Dara
  • Seishun (Lit. "Youth")
  • Butsumetsu Rapusodī (Lit. "Buddha Destruction Rhapsody")
  • Kamereon (Lit. "Chameleon")
  • Fuck Shiyou (Lit. "Let's Fuck")
  • Chittaka
  • Endless