Ryuichi Sakamoto - Esperanto LP

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The WeWantSounds label continues their re-releasing of Sakamoto LPs, with Esperanto.  This release is the first time Ryuichi Sakamoto's Esperanto is available outside of Japan.  It was remastered in Tokyo, by Seigen Ono. 

Esperanto was originally released in Japan in 1985.  It is Sakamoto's sixth solo album.  Sakamoto combines new age, electronica, ambient, and synth pop sounds to make an LP that has great standalone tracks, but also flows cohesively.  Esperanto is a wonderful standalone document, but the music contained was actually composed for a performance by avant-garde choreographer Molissa Fenley in New York.  (If you haven't heard this LP before, you'll immediately say "yeah, that makes sense" after your first listen.)

While instrumental, this album is never static.  A Wongga Dance Song starts the LP with Sakamoto experimenting with rhythm in an electronic environment.  Tracks like Adelic Penguins feels familiar to longtime listeners, but also evolves his sound.  This isn't an LP of singles or bangers.  Instead it is an audio journey led by one of the greatest tour guides ever. 

The LP has the original artwork, a two page insert and an introduction written by journalist Andy Beta. 

Track List:

  • A Wongga Dance Song
  • The "Dreaming"
  • A Rain Songg
  • Dolphins
  • A Human Tube
  • Adelic Penguins
  • A Carved Stone
  • Ulu Watu