Ryo Fukui - A Letter From Slowboat LP - Slow Boat/Lawson Entertainment Pressing

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We're so excited to get our hands on some of the Slow Boat/Lawson Entertainment Project Re:Vinyl copies of this pressing of A Letter From Slowboat! They'll go fast!

Ryo Fukui, a famous pianist from Hokkaido who died unfortunately in 2016. The two early works "Scenery" and "Mellow Dream" were highly acclaimed, and the name "A Letter From Slowboat", which is now known to jazz listeners around the world, was released in 2015 for the first time in 16 years. The produced leader album. The recording was done at the live house <Slow Boat>, which is the home of Fukui, along with two promising young people who recognize their abilities. The lyricism of "Sonora", the poetic sentiment of "Stella By Starlight", and the dynamism of "Speak Low". The touch is stronger, the emotion is deeper, and the scent is richer. "Today than yesterday, tomorrow than today, try to be a little better." Fukui has been devoting himself to the piano for 40 years with this feeling in mind. The culmination of those 40 years is vividly recorded here. Even excluding the weight of being a relic, it is a pure masterpiece.

Track List:

  • Sonora
  • Stella By Starlight
  • Speak Low
  • Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
  • Old Country
  • Soultrane
  • Chasin' The Bird
  • Be My Love