Pecker Instant Rasta + Featuring Minako Yoshida 12" EP

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Percussionist who created the first orchestra del solsa band in Japan. Percussionist, Pecker Power, the first dub made in Japan by Pecker in 1980, originally released at 10 inches, Ryojiro Furusawa’s “Moonlight Slumber” featuring Minako Yoshida was added to “Instant Raster” on the record, and this time it is released with 12 inch specification!

  • Originally released as a 10" in 1980, this Pecker album is back on a 12" reissue, this time featuring Ryojiro Furusawa’s “Moonlight Slumber”

Track List:

  • Beggar Suite - Part 1
  • Beggar Suite - Part 2
  • Beggar Suite - Part 3
  • Dub Jam Rock
  • Kylyn
  • Moonlight Summer