Peasants - Memories LP

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Peasants' Memories is an outstanding mellow rock record from the 70's.  Like many of the best Japanese interpretations of Western sounds, this LP takes a well known genre and makes it their own.  If the sappy lyrics of American Soft Rock turn you off, the Japanese lyrics allow non-Japanese speakers to focus on the music. 

Reprinted the only original album released in 1975. A work that can be said to be the pinnacle of “mellow soft rock” with its sophisticated harmony and fresh female vocals.

Track List:

  • Prologue - Love Like a Shadow
  • Father is Forever
  • Ameiro Morning
  • Today as Well
  • Memories Only
  • At That Time
  • Before You Notice
  • Parting Road
  • Tears That Melt in the Snow
  • I Don't Even Know the Destination
  • Days of Love
  • You and I