Original Love - Music, Dance & Love 2LP (Pre-Order)

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After the 30th anniversary of Original Love’s debut, the new album “MUSIC, DANCE & LOVE” will be the 20th album after 3 years and 9 months since the previous album “Bless You!”. Includes “Seppun (M.D.L. Version)” reproduced with Ovall and “Yasashiite ~ Gentle Hands” with TENDRE. A collection of hymns that looks to the future and celebrates the joys of everyday life as the times change after the pandemic.

  • Double LP pressed on black vinyl
  • Original Love’s 20th album
  • Featuring Tendre and Ovall

Pre-Order - Expected to Ship Late May, 2023

Track List:

  • Shinryaku
  • Music, Dance & Love
  • Tasashiite Gentle Hands / Original Love & TENDRE
  • Favorite
  • Songline
  • Seppun (M.D.L. Version) / Original Love & Ovall
  • Ame n+K5+J5