Naoko Gushima - Quiet Emotion LP (Orange Vinyl)

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HMV Record Shop brings us a re-release of the second Naoko Gushima album, Quiet Emotion, on orange vinyl.   Originally released in 1997, this album features a variety of sounds such as R&B, funk and bossa nova, intertwined with gentle and transparent vocals. 

The album includes their most popular song “Tell Me Oh Mama” and the bossa nova song “Sunday”, which gained fame with it's use in a commercial.  Both tracks stand out on an album full of strong material.  While Quiet Emotion was released in the 90's, it retains some of the very chill vibes of low key City Pop hits, while incorporating some more modern sounds such as the piano on Tell Me Oh Mama.

When listening to this, it is no surprise why it is such a popular LP.  It does many things well and manages to appeal to a lot of listeners while never pandering.  This is a wonderful addition to many different types of collections. 

Track List:

  • Tell Me Oh Mama
  • Yokan
  • Sunday
  • No, No, No
  • Madoromi
  • Ai Wa Duoushite
  • My Flame
  • So High So High
  • Kagero
  • Tell Me Oh Mama (Remix)