Kraftwerk - King Biscuit Radio 1975 FM Broadcast LP

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This live LP of Kraftwerk captures them as they turn the corner into fully embracing their electric sound.  The source material is a King Biscuit radio broadcast from 1975 and it is released by the Mind Control label in Italy.  You can read between the lines if you'd like, but we find it worthwhile to make this available to our loyal customers.  Kraftwerk is one of those groups that changed music so much that we've found these type of releases to be excellent additions to collections.  We've also pumped a lot of cash into their pockets through the years, so we're okay if Ralf can't afford another Jacuzzi suit. 

The LP starts with Autobahn, at that point their signature track.  It takes up the entirety of the the A side of this LP.  Side B begins with Kometenmelodie; which is partnered with Autobahn on the A side of the Autobahn LP.  It is then followed by Morgenspaziergang which interpolates KIing Klang and Tanzmusik; essentially making this a look forward and a look back for them. 

If you don't have a copy of Trans Europe Express, you should grab that.  But if you're a fan and curious about what they sounded like live, this is a perfect LP for you.  Add it to your collection.  If you don't feel great about it, go pay $100+ to see them on tour this summer to balance out your karma. 


Track List:

  • Autobahn
  • Kometenmelodie
  • Morgenspaziergang (Part 1) - Kling Klang
  • Morgenspaziergang (Part 2) - Tanzmusik