Kiyoshi Yamaya - Wamono Groove: Shakuhachi & Koto Jazz Funk ’76 LP

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180G delivers an excellent compilation of jazz funk from Japan that includes shakuhachi and koto players in the group.  Pulling from Denon and Nippon Columbia albums from the 70's, this LP features tracks from three legends of Japanese music: arranger Kiyoshi Yamaya, koto legend Toshiko Yonekawa and shakuhachi master Kifu Mitsuhashi.

What makes this compilation so special is the curation of tracks that incorporate these traditional Japanese instruments while still being jazz/funk.  The crossover between the two never feels forced.  The grooves flow forth and the listener is transported into this traditional yet funky space.

It is no wonder though, Kifu Mitsuhashi was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun in 2020 and Toshiko Yonekawa was named a Living National Treasure in 1996.  These are legends that are on this compilation. 

This compilation comes on 180G vinyl, with a reverse board jacket and artwork by Nker.  Mastering and lacquer cut by Jukka Sarapää at Timmion Cutting Lab, Helsinki, Finland. 

Track List:

  • Kifu Mitsuhashi - Nanbu Ushioi Uta
  • Toshiko Yonekawa - Isohama Bon Uta
  • Kifu Mitsuhashi - Hahai Bushi
  • Toshiko Yonekawa - Otemoyan
  • Kifu Mitsuhashi - Aizu Bandaisan
  • Toshiko Yonekawa - Saitara Bushi
  • Kifu Mitsuhashi - Soma Nagareyama
  • Toshiko Yonekawa - Yagi Bushi
  • Kifu Mitsuhashi - Asadoya Yunta
  • Toshiko Yonekawa - Konpira Funefune