Haruomi Hosono / Vampire Weekend - Watering A Flower 12"

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Vampire Weekend's track, 2021, from "Father of the Bride," sampled Haruomi Hosono's Talking, so it is natural to release these songs as an A/B side.  (Once you clear label politics out of the way.)  That would be enough to pique our interest, but we also get a new recording of 2021... 2021 (2021 Version).  The three songs then become Watering a Flower, delivered to us by Speedstar Recoreds/Sony Japan.  This is the first analog record of Hosono's Talking and it arrives on wax cut by master craftsman Toru Kotetsu. 

Track List:

  • Talking
  • 2021
  • 2021 (2021 Version)