Danny Morgan - The Swimmer 12" (Ltd. to 500)

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Lost private press gem "The Swimmer" by Florida native Danny Morgan, is a cool and breezy, beguiling easy glide from 1987. It's a mellow marina masterpiece and quintessentially Balearic. Over the past few years, it's gathered a cult following yet the album from which it derives is virtually impossible to come by. Finally available on a standalone, fully remastered 12", it's been backed by an instant classic "Seahawks Swimming Through Space Remix", courtesy of those beloved cats Jon Tye and Pete Fowler. Fans of the deeply entrancing, nautically and narcotically-enhanced cuts of Dennis Wilson or Michael Nesmith's The Prison will be instantly mesmerized by the sheer beauty of "The Swimmer". Danny on the record: "At the time I was running many miles on the Sanibel Island beach and doing a bit of swimming in the Gulf Of Mexico. Keeping my mind busy on a long run, I imagined a 'what if' movie scene. Almost every run or swim someone is sitting there on the beach watching what goes by. Back at my desk I started finger picking some chords and the picture in my head showed up. I punched in a rhythm loop and the song was on its way. Adrian Belew and I had the same manager Stan Hertzman so I was listening to some of Adrian's work. I was a huge fan of Joni Mitchell and the unusual chord changes and melodies in some of her songs. All of this influenced the sound on 'The Swimmer'. I had a support band at the time living in my house on Sanibel Island so we practiced a lot. We came up with an arrangement of the song and we took across the bridge to John McLane's Important Studios and recorded it. I played finger picking acoustic guitar and sang, Tim Miller played drums, Jeff Holck played fretless bass, Dave Dust played lead guitar and John McLane played keyboards and sang harmony." Remastered by Simon Francis. Cut by Cicely Balston for Alchemy at AIR Studios. Edition of 500.

Track List:

  • The Swimmer
  • The Swimmer (Seahawks Swimming Through Space Remix)