Chu Kosaka - People LP (Pre-Order)

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Produced by Haruomi Hosono, this is a masterpiece of Japanese soul music was released by Chu Kosaka, who returned to popular music after a 25-year absence. Haruomi Hosono, Hiroshi Sato, Shigeru Suzuki, Yoshiyuki Sahashi, Motoya Hamaguchi, and Tatsuo Hayashi participated in the album creation. Originally released in 2001. Cutting done by Bernie Grundman. Limited edition. Pressed on café au lait colored vinyl.

  • A memorial to Chu Kosaka, who passed away in April 2022
  • Second press in café au lait colored vinyl (brown vinyl)
  • Produced by Haruomi Hosono
  • Includes interview with Chu Kosaka

Pre-Order - Expected to Ship February, 2023

Track List:

  • Interlude - "I Love People"
  • Horo
  • Knocking on Your Heart
  • Yume wo Kikasete
  • I Believe In You
  • He Comes With the Glory
  • Sunshine
  • Lost People
  • Hot or Cold
  • Birthday
  • Refrain
  • People Get Ready
  • I Love People