Zerosen - Asphalt LP

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The text below is a clunky translation of the LP description from Japanese.  The good news is that this LP doesn't need any translation.  Asphalt is filled with big, funky grooves and is a great addition to the Deep Jazz Reality/Project Re: Vinyl collection. 

The essence of "crossover" that the genius Katsunori Ishida has mastered. Strong groove and vivid sound. The phantom group, Zerosen's first album is back. Zerosen, a group led by Katsunori Ishida (Katsunori Ishida), who has worked on numerous television and film scores as a producer / composer / arranger for a period of the 1970s. The members are also fluid and disappear after only a short period of activity. The only remaining works are two pieces produced as audio component check records. However, these two works will be attracting worldwide attention as rare groove from Japan in later years. This work has already completed the concept and sound as the first album. There is no gap in the content, such as "Scramble" where keyboard work shines in the undulating groove, "Circuit" where the intense beat leads, and "Witch's whisper" which is a mellow Caribbean groove. The vivid sound of the audio component check record, a tough groove created by excellent arrangement and performance. The true "crossover" is here.

Track List:

  • Scramble
  • Spanish Fly
  • Circuit
  • Hand Slap
  • Asphalt
  • Paper Driver
  • Persian Night
  • Blind Drunk
  • Passing Light
  • Witch Whisperer