Yumi Murata - Himiko LP

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Himiko finds Yumi Murata teaming up with Mariah to deliver an LP that pushes her sound forward, incorporates aspects of the Mariah sound and to still appeal to City Pop fans.  This LP comes from Columbia Japan (HMJA129).

Listeners may be familiar with Yumi Murata, from her track Kanpoo that appears on the wonderful Pacific Breeze 2 compilation from Light in the Attic.  That track is on her previous LP, so listeners get to hear the sound expand and enjoy even more of what Murata has to offer.  My Bus is a classic chill City Pop jam, but this LP doesn't merely recycle the existing formula. Himiko finds Murata kicking off the LP with the propulsive "I Don't Know What To Say." There is are European vibes on "Love Blanket" that is followed by a rocker "Himiko Dreaming" that is clearly influenced by Judas Priest/Rob Halford.  That may not be what you were expecting, but it works really well

This LP manages to cover a lot of ground without feeling disjointed.  Grab a copy and see everything that Yumi Murata has to offer.

Track List:

  • I Don't Know What To Say
  • Miscalculation of Pygmalion
  • The Bottom of the Mind
  • Media Spell
  • My Bus
  • Love Blanket (Two In A Blanket)
  • Dreaming Himiko (Himiko Dreamin')
  • Everyone Lies (A Conscious Lie)
  • Rakuchin