Vinyl Goes Around Project 1 - Special Feature: Rare Groove - Evolving Vinyl Digger Culture by Ele King Book

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A Book of 130 Rare Groove LPs, perfect for those that want to learn more about rare groove vinyl.  It is in Japanese. 

A long-awaited digger book, 2022 will feature rare grooves!
In the 2020s, "rare grooves" are gaining momentum all over the world. Combined with the vinyl boom, we are now in the era of “rare grooves”. This is the long-awaited "rare groove" feature for diggers!
Through interviews with DJs and famous diggers, disc guides, and various articles, we will shed light on the background, history, and present of "rare grooves."

Interview: MURO / Jazzman Gerald / Toru Hashimoto Rare
Groove Classic Disc Guide 130 Selections / Random Rap and Disco - Boogie Masterpieces / <Tribe> Label and Basic Knowledge of Weldon Irvin / Hip Hop and Sampling Culture / 70 The impact of period music on club music from the 90s onwards / The role played by compilations and mixtapes / Record cutting reports, and much more!