Various Artists - Twilight Time

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Released in 2014, the long-awaited LP version of the city pop cover collection "Twilight Time" with the participation of 131, Ryusensen, Keiichi Sokabe and others.

City pop cover collection "Twilight Time" released by Grand Gallery Japan in 2014. Artists leading the current city pop movement such as 1311, Ryusensen, KASHIF, and Keiichi Sokabe, Bizarre. Reitaro and others perform exclusive songs that can only be heard on this album. In addition to songs from 9 artists recorded on the CD, "Hoshifuru Mayonaka" by Matsuda "Chabe" Takeni's solo project Cubismo Grafico feat. This hard-to-find work, which even had a premiere on CD at the time, has been a long-awaited LP after 7 years! As with the CD, the album jacket uses works by Hiroshi Nagai.
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