Various Artists - Shaolin Soul Episode 4 2LP + CD

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This is the Double LP and CD of the 4th Edition in the Shaolin Soul series.  This compilation curated by Uncle O arrives in a standard edition sleeve packed with classics that RZA has sampled while building the Wu-Tang legend. 

Like the previous three editions in this series, this 2LP set delivers soul classics on top of soul classics.  As always, you'll recognize some of these as your favorite Wu-Tang beats.  As they dig deeper into the catalog, you'll also find some tracks that you may be less familiar with, but will still be happy to have in your collection.  Another great edition to this series. 

Track Listing:

  • Esther Phillips - That's All Right With Me
  • Al Green - I Wish You Were Here
  • Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends
  • Sylvia - Sweet Stuff
  • Betty Wright - Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
  • The Ambassadors - Ain't Got The Love Of One Girl (On My Mind)
  • The Dynamics - Get Myself High
  • Carolyn Sullivan - Dead!
  • Brenton Wood - Trouble
  • The Floaters - Float On
  • Faze-O - Riding High
  • Ernie Hines - Our Generation
  • Jerry Butler - I'm Your Mechanical Man
  • J.J. Johnson - Keep on Moving' (Vocals by Martha Reeves and the Sweet Things)
  • Monk Higgins and Alex Brown - A Good Man is Gone (Vocals by Barbara Mason)
  • The East St. Louis Gospelettes - Have Mercy on Me
  • Jean Plum - Here I Go Again
  • The Staples Singers - Let's Do It Again
  • The Sylvers - One One Can Win
  • Della Humphrey - Don't Make the Good Girls Go Bad
  • Freda Payne - I Get High (On Your Memory)
  • Carla Thomas - What The World Needs Now