Toshifumi Hinata - Angels in Dystopia Nocturnes & Preludes LP (Clear Vinyl - Pre-Order)

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Toshifumi Hinata’s new original album in 13 years. 17 beautiful and melancholic contemporary classical songs. Includes the trio version of “Reflections” (piano: Toshifumi Hinata, cello: Lisa Gray, violin: Toshihiro Nakanishi). Clear vinyl. Limited edition.

  • Includes “Reflections feat. Lisa Gray and Toshihiro Nakanishi” and a live studio version of “Reflections”
  • Trio performance by Toshifumi Hinata on piano, Lisa Gray on cello, and Toshihiro Nakanishi on violin
  • Pressed on clear vinyl

Pre-Order - Expected to Ship February, 2023

Track List:

  • Fields of Flowers
  • Angels in Dystopia
  • Prelude in G Minor
  • Little Rascal on a Time Machine
  • Phantom of Hope
  • So Near and Dear
  • Reflections ft. Lisa Gray and Toshihiro Nakanishi
  • Sylvia and Company
  • Nocturne in G Minor
  • Menuet - Piano Version
  • Books and a Fireplace
  • Sanctum
  • Lost in the Tide
  • Rhapsody in G Minor
  • Nocturne in E Flat Major
  • Sea of Galaxies
  • Marigold - Epilogue