Toshiaki Yokota and the Beat Generation - Flute Adventure: Le Soleil Était Encore Chaud LP

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Originally an RSD Japan 2022 release, we were able to track down a few copies and make them available to you! Toshiaki Yokota plays the flute, so this is more atmospheric and less funky thank other Deep Jazz Reality / Project Re:Vinyl releases, but it is still a great LP and fits right into the collection.  Another great selection from Ogawa-san!

Toshiaki Yokota, flutist. In 1969, his participation in Sound Limited formed by Takeshi Inomata brought him to the spotlight. At the beginning of the formation of the group, Inomata said, "The flute is really good, so please listen to it." Recorded 4 leader albums in a short period of time in parallel with activities in Sound Limited. One of his representative works is "Flute Adventure". Starting with African-influenced jazz-rock "Hikari no Flood", it approaches with tremendous pressure and density. It is filled with the speedy feeling of jazz, the explosive power of rock, and the exoticism beyond admiration and challenge. Yokota also drew strong inspiration from literature, including beatnik and symbolism. Literature woven into intense music. The image that can be called a “noble beast” that emerges from that is also a great attraction of Yokota's music.
Yusuke Ogawa (UNIVERSOUNDS/Deep Jazz Reality)

Track List (Translated):

  • Suite "The sun was still burning hot..." flood of light
  • Suite "The sun was still burning hot..." Cimmeria
  • Suite "The sun was still burning hot..." Ball of the Hanged Men
  • Suite "The sun was still burning hot..." Hell Night
  • Ofelia
  • Orpheus Samba
  • Black Orphee
  • Prayer ~ Ending Samba