The Clash - Combat Rock LP (Clear Vinyl / Japanese Pressing)

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This is a Sony Records repressing of The Clash's massive LP, Combat Rock.  This is an excellent release in every aspect.  It has been remastered, it comes with an OBI, poster, 4 pages of liner notes (in Japanese,) all housed in a tip on jacket. 

This LP has two of The Clash's biggest songs, Should I Stay or Should I Go and Rock The Casbah.  The whole LP is filled with great songs, such as Straight to Hell. Although, you may know it better as "the song Diplo sampled for MIA's Paper Planes."  There are small touches, such as including back in a 2000 Flushes commercial on the track Inoculated City. It had previously been left off many pressings. 

Track List:

  • Know Your Rights
  • Car Jamming
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go
  • Rock the Casbah
  • Red Angel Dragnet
  • Straight to Hell
  • Overpowered by Funk
  • Atom Tan
  • Sean Flynn
  • Ghetto Defendant
  • Inoculated City
  • Death Is A Star