Television - Double Exposure LP

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We're always curious about these types of releases, warts and all. If you're a Television fan, grab a copy and enjoy!  But don't expect this to get you into the band if you've never heard them before!
This is the demo recording sessions from Television in 1974 under Brian Eno's guidance. The A side demos were recorded at Good Vibrations Studios in NYC with Richard Hell on bass, and produced by Brian Eno and Richard Williams of Island Records. It also includes three live tracks from CBGB's in 1975 including the unreleased "(I Look At You And Get A) Double Exposure", the band never recorded in studio. An abrasive 13th Floor Elevators number and the iconic Richard Hell "(I Belong To The) Blank Generation". It is fascinating listening to the early versions of these songs that eventually appeared on Marquee Moon. Each version is distinctly different having a "harder edge" to them and closer to the final released editions. Sound quality: very good stereo.

Track List:

  • ...Prove It
  • Friction...
  • (The Arms Of) Venus De Milo
  • (I Look At You And Get A) Double Exposure
  • Marquee Moon
  • Fire Engine
  • (I Belong To The) Blank Generation
  • (I Look At You And Get A) Double Exposure