Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation LP (Orange Vinyl Ltd. to 500)

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Tangerine Dream's debut LP from 1970; their only with Klaus Schulze.  Electronic Meditation is a document of the band at the beginning of their journey from West Berlin art school students to international stardom.  Recorded in 1969, Electronic Meditation never conforms to expectations. 

The longer on this LP, Journey Through A Burning Brain and Cold Smoke, are massive soundscapes that take the listener on a journey.  A shorter track like Ashes to Ashes can feel more accessible/traditional, but is still a unique statement.  This whole LP is a wonderful listen. 

This European import from Tiger Bay was short pressed at 500 copies 180G orange vinyl.  It spins at 45 RPM; offering the listener excellent sound quality.  Get your hands on one before they disappear!

Track List*:

  • Genesis
  • Journey Through A Burning Brain
  • Cold Smoke
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Resurrection

*We're going with the song titles in English, since we can barely spell the German names, nevermind pronouncing them.