Takeshi Inomata & Sound L.T.D. - Sounds of Sound L.T.D. LP (Pre-Order)

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The drums of fire scorch the age. With his young and talented Sound Limited, Takeshi Inomata heralds the arrival of the golden age of jazz rock in high spirits. Drummer Takeshi Inomata, who led the Japanese jazz scene with his precise stick work and musicality with an eye on the times, formed Sound Limited at the end of the 1960s, influenced by the brass rock music that was flourishing at the time. He said, “I wanted to fuse jazz and rock and bring together young musicians to play music with vitality. I want this group to be a group with a large scale that is not confined to the small frame of modern jazz,” he said, launching a new axis. Their first album, “The Sound of Sound Limited” (1970), became their masterpiece. It is a masterpiece that is full of energy and enthusiasm throughout the album, starting with “Theme~Mustache,” which has become one of the most beloved and iconic songs of the band.


  • Takeshi Inomata(ds)
  • Toshiaki Yokota(fl)
  • Takao Uematsu(ts)
  • Takashi Kumagai, Shunzo Ohno(tp)
  • Takashi Imai, Shigemichi Domoto(tb)
  • Ryo Kawasaki, Shigenori Kamiya(g)
  • Yusuke Hoguchi(org)
  • Jun Suzuki(b)

Pre-Order - Expected to Ship October, 2023

Track List:

  • Theme - Mustache
  • Tak's Tune
  • Joint
  • Monster
  • Lullaby for Yuh
  • Scotland Scene
  • Theme