Takeshi Inomata - Drum Method LP

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Another great Deep Jazz Reality / Project Re:Vinyl selection from Ogawa-san.  We love this whole LP, but have a special love for the version of Blue Rondo A La Turk that he delivers. It feels completely faithful (in a good way,) but Inomata pulls in numerous new elements that make it a different song in many ways. You'll love this LP too!

This sense of speed, this sense of exhilaration. Takeshi Inomata, a man who knows no dead ends, breaks through the limits of groove with his ever-changing stick work.

Another masterpiece released in the golden age of jazz rock by the famous drummer Takeshi Inomata, who has always focused on the times and opened up new horizons. It is a so-called instructional record produced as one of the "Method" series, but its musicality is fiercely funky and groovy as if to provoke the listener. Leading the famous group Sound Limited, which played a role in the development of jazz rock in Japan, he breaks through the limits of groove with his ever-changing stick work. From cover songs such as "Runaway Child" and "Smack Water Jack", "Sleeper" and "Seven Four" composed by Norio Maeda, who also participates in the arrangement, and the overwhelmingly powerful drum solo "Drum Concert". Up to, fill a variety of music selection with a high-density groove without gaps. text by Yusuke Ogawa (UNIVERSOUND/DEEP JAZZ REALITY)

Track List:

  • Runaway Child
  • Smack Water Jack
  • Child of Storm
  • Pourqui. Pas?
  • Where Do You Go From Here
  • Drum Concert 1
  • Fibonaccis Number
  • Blue Rondo A La Turk
  • Maiden Voyage
  • Drum Concert II
  • Sleeper
  • Seven Four