Tadao Inoue - Dancing Shadows LP

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The reissue of Tadao Inoue’s original album “DANCING SHADOWS” released in 1979 has been decided!

Former member of Jackey Yoshikawa and Blue Comets, composed of the theme song “Sorrow / Warrior” of the movie version “Mobile Suit Gundam” series.

In addition, the solo album “DANCING SHADOWS” released in 1979 by Tatsuo Inoue, who has various talents such as participating as a saxophonist in Tatsuro Yamashita’s work.

This is a city pop masterpiece with the participation of gorgeous players such as Jun Fukamachi, Masayoshi Takanaka, Tsugutoshi Goto, Jun Sato, and Nobu Saito.

Track List:

  • Velvet Afternoon
  • Dancing Shadows
  • 22 Color Weekend
  • Rain / RAIN
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Angela
  • Come On! Blue Jeans Fellow
  • On A Gray Morning