Shigeru Suzuki - Sunset Hills Hotel Reservation Calendar LP

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Killer JPN New Age/Walearic! Debuted as a guitarist for Happy End, produced many popular songs, and supported the Showa music history and new music scene. In recent years, the conceptual content that advocates a resort ambient that is colored with an elegant touch has been re-evaluated in the context of "Wa Realic" ("Wamono" + "Balearic"). It is a masterpiece known only to those in the know, and is popular both in Japan and overseas. Tetsuji Hayashi, Mari Iijima, Kazuo Zaitsu, Hajime Mizoguchi, Meiko Nakahara, and Asami Kado participated in providing the music.

Track List:

  • Silver Snow Shining
  • April First
  • Winding Flower
  • Sunset Dance
  • June 31
  • November Eyes
  • Connected Room
  • Maybe In May
  • Silver Moon Morning
  • Separate September