Shigeru Suzuki - Band Wagon LP

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A masterpiece that represents the history of Japanese rock has been reprinted in analog form!
After going through "Happy End", which emphasized singing in Japanese, he was active as one of the leading domestic producer team "Caramel Mama (= Tin Pan Alley)". Solo debut album "BAND WAGON". This work, which was created by traveling alone to Los Angeles in the United States, features the participation of talented artists such as TOWER OF POWER and LITTLE FEAT. His guitar sound, which adds a cool essence to a tight rhythm, is especially stylish "Sand Woman", earthy instrumental numbers "Snow Express" and "Wood Pecker", which pioneered guitar fusion, and others. Includes all 9 songs that have become the standard of the domestic music scene. In addition, Takashi Matsumoto wrote the lyrics that depict Shigeru Suzuki's delicate emotional landscape while moderately relaxing the hot play of the west coast. As a guitarist and composer, "Shigeru Suzuki" became known to the world, and is a masterpiece that will remain in Japanese rock history.

Track List (Translated):

  • Suna No Onna (A Woman In The Sand)
  • Hachigatsu No Nioi (The Scent of August)
  • Binetsu Shounen (Fever Boy)
  • Snow Express
  • Jinrikihikouki No Yoru (Night of the Manned Flight Machine)
  • 100 Watt No Koibito (100 Watt Lover)
  • Wood Pecker
  • Yuuyake No Hashiba (Sunset Wharf)
  • Ginga Rhapsody (Galaxy Rhapsody)