Santana - Borboletta LP (Clear Blue Vinyl or Platinum Swirl)

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The 2020 Reissue of Santana's classic LP Borboletta on Friday Music.  Available in Clear Blue and Swirl pressings. 

After some hot live performances and subversive jaunts made in the aftershock of Woodstock, Santana and his band entered the calm atmosphere of the recording studio to make their sixth album. Taking a look at the blue butterfly on the LP cover, it wasn’t surprising that purist Santana fans scented that the music in this particular garden would be more gentle and cultivated than the previous hard-rock sound. But one thing after another: in attune with semi natural sounds, the ‘Canto De Los Flores’ swings along to dabbed figures on the Rhodes piano and waves of multi-cultural drumming.

The drama continues with “Life Is Anew” – a powerfully arranged ballad, followed by a highly emotional rock number (“Give And Take”). This takes us to where Santana feels most at home – “Promise Of A Fisherman” with its velvety, wonderfully expansive guitar sound. By now, at the latest, the listener joins the sensitive outdoorsman on his chase after the butterfly named “Boborletta” with a wealth of gorgeous sounds. Don’t hesitate to capture this rare specimen for your collection!

Track List:

  • Spring Manifestations (Sound Effects)
  • Canto De Los Flores
  • Life Is Anew
  • Give and Take
  • One With the Sun
  • Aspirations
  • Practice What You Preach
  • Mirage
  • Here and Now
  • Flor De Canela
  • Promise of a Fisherman
  • Borboletta