Roy Budd - The Stone Killer Soundtrack 2LP (Red Vinyl)

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Roy Budd delivers a classic of the 70's Cop/Action genre soundtracks for The Stone Killer.  He makes full use of the orchestra at his disposal alongside his funky/psychedelic symthensizer work.  This combination creates refrains that play off one another perfecltly throughout the entire film/LP.  This Italy-only LP was impossibly rare for good reason. 

The first LP is the entire Italian soundtrack that was released in 1974, remastered from the original tapes.  The second LP has outtakes, single, mono and other mixes to provide listeners with everything Stone Killer. Say what you want about Charles Bronson (although we're big fans here at Cromulent,) this LP is a standalone masterpiece that is a wonderful addition to the collection of Soundtrack fans, beat miners and almost any music fan. 

Each LP is pressed on 180G red vinyl and is packaged in a gatefold, tip on sleeve.  The artwork is provided by Sean Phillips and liner notes are provided by Charlie Bridgen. 

Track List:

  • The Stone Killer Main Theme
  • Under Survellance
  • The Plot
  • On The Trail
  • The Graveyard
  • In The Shadows
  • Too Late
  • The Old Precinct
  • Down Town
  • On The Move
  • Down Uptown
  • From Vietnam
  • The Chase
  • The Assassination
  • Final Capture
  • The Stone Killer Main Title (Alt. Mix)
  • M5 SK6: The Old Precinct
  • M5 SK7: On The Move
  • M1 SK10: The Chase
  • Black is Beautiful
  • M4 SK10
  • M7 SK10: The Assassination
  • M5 SK2
  • The Graveyard (Alternative Mix)
  • The Stone Killer Main Theme (Film Mix - Mono)
  • Too Late
  • M1 SK10 (Film Mix - Mono)
  • The Stone Killer 7" Mix