Riz Ortolani - Si può essere più bastardi dell’Ispettore Cliff? LP

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Previously unreleased complete edition for this explosive jazz-funk score by Italian maestro RIZ ORTOLANI, written in 1973 for the poliziotteschi film, “Si può essere più bastardi dell’ispettore Cliff?” (also known as “Mafia Junction”).

Only two tracks from this soundtrack were ever released, and as a result, is now an extremely rare and sought-after C.A.M. 7-inch – but that was enough to create the legend…

Four Flies Records is honored to have been granted access to the original C.A.M. master tapes and is proud to present, for your listening pleasure, the complete recording session for the first time!

Expect to hear one of the funkiest pieces of Ortolani’s entire compositional career: the audio backdrop to car chases, erotic sex scenes, and outlandish violence are accentuated here by amazing drum breaks, fat bass lines, a captivating horn section, and wonderful guitar effects. A totally outstanding session, and an essential new classic for all Eurocrime- funk lovers!

  • Lp 180 gr. | Limited Edition 500 copies
  • Movie poster included