Ramones - Leave Home LP

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This is the 2020 180G pressing of the Ramones' sophomore album from 1977.  Leave Home finds the Ramones not changing much from their debut album; and that is meant in the best way possible.  They continue their quest for pop stardom with a cover of "California Sun," and further define their own aesthetic with classics like "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" and "Pinhead."

If you're only familiar with The Ramones better known songs, this LP has deeper cuts like "Carbona Not Glue."  Controversial at the time, it touches on the universal theme of sniffing glue; specifying their preference for Carbona.  It had been removed from some pressings after the Carbona people thought it didn't portray their product in the best light. 

This is a great addition to any collection, whether you're getting started or just haven't added this yet. 

Track List

    • Glad to See You Go
    • Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
    • I Remember You
    • Oh Oh I Love Her So
    • Carbona Not Glue
    • Suzy is a Headbanger
    • Pinhead
    • Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy
    • Swallow My Pride
    • What's Your Game
    • California Sun
    • Commando
    • You're Gonna Kill That Girl
    • You Should Never Have Opened That Door