Ra Mu - Thanksgiving LP (Pink Vinyl)

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The only album released in 1988 by Ra Mu, who is gaining reevaluation. Re-press of PINK VINYL specification has been decided! Momoko Kikuchi, who ran through the golden age of idols in the mid-80s, completely changed course. Yoshikazu Matsuura, who honed his skills in the supernatural fusion group PRISM, is the centerpiece of Ra Mu, with two talented black singers in the background. The only album released after releasing several singles is a reissue with an obi and PINK VINYL specifications. This work is one of the 80's Japanese boogie works that has been re-evaluated both domestically and internationally, but its completeness/rarity is top class. Includes 80's digital funk A5 "Shonen wa Tenshi wo Tsuru" and Midnight Urban Boogie B2 "TOKYO Yabanjin" arranged by Hiroshi Shinkawa. It is the outfit of the new popular song collection. The original edition is a rare press at the time when music media changed from records to CDs. Please enjoy the hidden masterpiece that has finally caught up with the times.

Track List: 

  • Rainy Night Lady
  • Carnaval
  • 夏と秋のGood-Luck
  • Two Years After
  • 少年は天使を殺す
  • One And Only
  • Tokyo野蛮人
  • 片想い同盟
  • Late Night Heartache

  • Love Talk