Piper - I'm Not In Love LP (Color Vinyl)

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Piper's debut LP, I'm Not In Love, released by Ship to Shore in 2021.  It is pressed on both white vinyl. This is a wonderful reissue that makes this classic LP available at an impulse-buy price.  These are limited editions; although they don't say just how limited it is.  Regardless, don't sleep on these because they'll soon be going for more! 

I'm Not In Love shows a band that has a strong perspective and sound; and are ready to unleash it on the world.  The smooth Piper sound that is loved by City Pop fans is here from the drop of the needle. This is a group with a clear vision and the talent to deliver on it.  The upbeat sound of tracks like Love Song showcase the laid back, yet upbeat funkiness that Piper made their trademark. 

If there can be a knock against this LP, it would be that it doesn't have a massive single such as Hot Sand.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing though.  You still have an LP that is great front to back.  It is perfect for casual listens at home or as a goldmine for tracks to drop into the City Pop playlist that you've been working on! 

Track List:

  • I'm Not in Love
  • Lavender Trips
  • Far Away
  • Funny Face
  • Love Song
  • Dance
  • Zenny, I Love You
  • Lovely Night
  • Kugatsu No Sora
  • Tobenai Tori
  • Fuyu No Okurinomo