Organisation - Tone Float LP

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Released in 1969, Tone Float is an LP by members of Kraftwerk before they started Kraftwerk.  They play alongside Conny Plank, Butch Hauf, Basil Hammoudi , Fred Monicks.  Using the Organisation moniker, they present an instrumental LP that is hard to define, but always a great listen.  Organisation blends numerous rhythms and textures, at times moving into psychedelia, Krautrock and numerous other genres.  The sound is based in guitar/bass/drums, but there is also wonderful flute from Florian Schneider, and use of feedback and loops to build an expansive soundscape.  

If you're a fan of Kraftwerk, this is an excellent addition to your collection. For years, this was an impossible-to-find gem that was out of the reach of most fans.  Now the rest of us can hear the aspects of the Kraftwerk sound already in place and what they left behind.  Even better, this is a really good LP.  You'll definitely keep this LP in the rotation for a while. 

Track List:

  • Tone Float
  • Milk Rock
  • Silver Forest
  • Rhythm Salad
  • Noitasinagro