Oasis - The Masterplan 2LP (Emerald Green Vinyl/Japanese Pressing)

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Four early Oasis titles will be available for the first time on limited-edition color vinyl produced by the Sony Group in Japan!
Oasis's first <back best> selection, voted by Oasis fans and selected by Noel Gallagher from the single B-SIDE songs.
Although it is a single B-SIDE song such as "Acquis", a classic live song, "Rockin Chair", a beautiful crying masterpiece, "I am the Walrus" and "The Master Plan", it exceeds the original album songs. A total of 14 songs with overwhelming masterpieces with a degree of perfection.

[Complete production limited edition] Emerald green color vinyl 2-disc set: Sony group domestic integrated production analog edition (complete production limited 2000 sets) | With lyrics, parallel translation and commentary
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Catalog Number: SIJP1063

Track List:

  •  Acquiesce
  • Underneath The Sky
  • Talk Tonight
  • Going Nowhere
  • Fade Away
  • The Swamp Song
  • I Am The Walrus (Live)
  • Listen Up
  • Rockin' Chair
  • Half The World Away
  • (It's Good) To Be Free
  • Stay Young
  • Headshrinker
  • The Masterplan