Masayoshi Takanaka - All Of Me 2LP (Pre-Order)

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In recent years, the market price has soared due to its high reputation overseas. Japan’s leading super guitarist Masayoshi Takanaka’s 2-disc best album, which he left when he was with Kitty, will be released on Record Day on December 3rd. LP reprint as it is! Includes many popular songs such as “STAR WARS SAMBA”, “Mambo No.5”, “OH! TENGO SUERTE”, and “Izu Amanatsu Natto Uri”.

  • Originally released in 1983
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Featuring popular tracks such as, “Mambo No.5” and “Izu Amanatsu Natto Uri”

Pre-Order - Expected to Ship February, 2023

Track List:

  • Oh! Tengo Suerte
  • Tokyo Reggie
  • Sweet Agnes
  • Akogare No Seychelles Islands
  • I Remember You
  • Izu Amanatsu Nattouri
  • Tropic Birds
  • Brazilian Skies
  • Mambo No. 5
  • ESP
  • Star Wars Samba
  • Sexy Dance
  • Malibu
  • Ready to Fly