Marcos Valle & Azymuth - Fly Cruzeiro LP (Clear Vinyl)

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This is a very cool collection of Bossa Nova/Latin tracks, put together by Marcos Valle & Azymuth.  Our friends at Light in the Attic treat it with the respect it deserves by reissuing it on clear 180G vinyl, with extensive liner notes, and an OBI strip.  The only bad thing is that it is limited to 500 LPs. 

Valle is Bossa Nova royalty, who literally worked with almost everyone and ended up being sampled by everyone else.  This collection is one of the lesser known LPs in his canon.  That is because this album was pressed and gifted to customers of the ‘Cruzeiro’ airline company. This promotional record came as no surprise because the connection between Cruzeiro Airlines and Valle was very tight (Valle’s father was the manager and his brother was a co-pilot there).

Valle teams up with Azymuth, a group that took their name from a Valle song, to deliver this collection.   Azymuth also achieved significant success, selling millions of LP subsequent to the release of this rare LP in 1972.  Together Valle and Azymuth make an electric, funky, bossa nova that feels like it could immediately find it's way into numerous films or mixes.  This is a wonderful addition to the collection of fans of either, fans of bossa nova, or someone that is looking for a chilled out collection of songs that haven't been played to death. 

Grab your copy and enjoy the good vibes, even if you're not about to Fly Cruzeiro.

Track List:

  • Jungle Cruzeiro
  • Esta Fazendo Um Ano - Aquarelo Do Brasil
  • Zazueira - Mas Que Nada
  • Tristeza
  • Pais Do Futebol
  • Ate Pensei
  • Zanzibar
  • Nao Tem Solucao - Marina - Rosas
  • Samba De Verao
  • Prenda Minha
  • Asa Branca
  • Wave