Makoto Matsushita - First Light LP

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You no longer have to search from the east to the west, or from the north to the south, we've got you covered!  Makoto Matsushita's classic "First Light" is now here at Cromulent Records.  This is another hard-to-find/too-expensive-to afford classic that is being reissued.   This is the 2022 Warner Music Japan pressing on orange vinyl.  It comes with the original photo jacket art.  

In many ways, this is a perfect example of City Pop, it's got the sound, the songs and the package.  The LP sounds great and the production brings out the best of Matsushita's vocals and guitar (as well as everything else.) The songs are fantastic too; melody and lyrics working hand in hand.  And of course the iconic photo by Kaoru Ijima on the cover.

The 2LP is 180g/45rpm/Gatefold jacket/With numbering, the orange vinyl is a single 33rpm LP.

Back Ordered - Expected to Ship Early March, 2023

    Track List:

      • First Light
      • One Hot Love
      • Resort For Blue
      • September Rain
      • Lazy Night
      • This Is All I Have For You
      • I Know...
      • Love Was Really Gone
      • Sunset
      • September Rain