Mabumi Yamaguchi - Leeward LP

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This LP covers a lot of ground, but all of it is fantastic.  We have been looking for a copy of this for the in-house Cromulent Collection, so we're very happy that Teichiku Entertainement is giving us a reissue as part of the Deep Jazz Reality / Project Re:Vinyl series. 

Elastic groove. Beautiful tune. Hard bop, jazz rock, fusion. No label can capture the essence of this work. Pure crystals are now shining again.

The popular work “Leeward” is popular among fans as “Mabumi’s fan”. This is the second album recorded in 1978 by Mabumi Yamaguchi, a saxophonist who was active in the George Otsuka group and the Korgen band (later The Players). All four songs, “Dawn”, “Dewdrop”, “Distant Thunder”, and “Leeward”, titles / themes spread out in front of you as a vivid image in response to musicality. .. A groove that combines dynamism and elasticity. A beautiful melody that touches the chords while being dignified. Hard bop, jazz rock, fusion. All of them apply, but none of them give the essence of this work. It’s just a pure “masterpiece” that doesn’t require any label.

Text by Yusuke Ogawa (universounds / Deep Jazz Reality)

Track List:

  • Dawn
  • Dewdrop
  • Distant Thunder
  • Leeward