Kunitaka Sato - Amami's Roaring Song LP

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The first reissue of “Amami no Ukiuta” released in 1975 by Kunitaka Sato from Okinawa Amami Oshima, which continues to soar in the second-hand market!

The long-awaited reissue of the album “Amami no Uta” released in 1975 by Kunitaka Sato, a wandering island singer who played the lyre and shamisen in various parts of Okinawa, Amami!

The original version is a rare version that is popular both in Japan and overseas and is difficult to obtain, so it is one of the coveted Japanese mono-folk song fans.

Track List:

  • Prelude
  • Kantsume-Bushi
  • Wild Chabo
  • Shunkinbushi
  • Ashikebu Ichiban
  • Flower Dyeing
  • Ikyun Nyakana
  • Toshiyoshi
  • Morning Bana - Hayabushi
  • Kurudando
  • Six Tones