KMFDM - Hyena LP

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"KMFDM has forged its own singular path over the course of 38+ years, refining and redefining the parameters of modern music, never missing the opportunity to address the social and political zeitgeist in brazen, belligerent, and boisterous fashion. Hyëna marks the 22nd studio album from the Ultra Heavy Beat, and what title could be more appropriate as the band laughs mockingly at the frayed and frantic state of world affairs. Driven by the vicious and virulent vocal onslaught of founder Sascha 'Käpt'n K' Konietzko and Lucia Cifarelli, the aural and angular guitar wizardry of Andee Blacksugar, and the forceful percussive thrust of Andy Selway, Hyëna blasts through the speakers with the force of a napalm airstrike. From the hip-thrusting rock and roll swagger of 'Black Hole,' the in-your-face industrial/rock of 'Liquor Fish And Cigarettes,' and the funky hip-hop overtones of 'Rock'n'roll Monster,' to the punky thrash metal fury of 'Blindface,' the sardonic blackgrass whimsy of 'Deluded Desperate Dangerous and Dumb,' and the irresistibly danceable electro of 'Hyëna' -- KMFDM remains as vital as ever, never afraid to assimilate any musical style, all the while keeping the lyrical talons sharpened and poised to strike against any and all injustice. Several members of the KMFDM family return to leave their indelible marks on Hyëna, like guitarist Jules Hodgson, rapper Andrew 'Ocelot' Lindsley, and Bruce Breckenfeld on the Hammond B3. On top of that, Sissy Misfit appears to add a decidedly venomous digital hardcore flavor to 'All Wrong - But Alright,' leaving Kumar Bent to close us out with the familiar yet fresh dub take on a KMFDM classic on 'In Dub We Trust.' Hyëna is a maniacal laugh in the face of maniacs who assume control, desperately trying to convince you that what you see, what you hear, what you read is not real -- don't you believe it! Nearly four decades on, KMFDM continues to keep it real for you as Hyëna proves to be among the group's leanest and meanest efforts, feeding fuel to the fury!"